Best Cendol In Melaka
Imagine walking around the beautiful city of Melaka, taking in the sights and sounds of a city so rich in history and culture, it seems like a living heritage. After a while, the heat of the day begins to get
to you and you start craving a bowl of ice-cold cendol - finely-shaved ice and pandan-flavoured starch jelly swimming in fresh coconut milk, and flavoured with the earthy and distinct taste of gula Melaka (palm sugar). 

Cendol stalls are a dime-a-dozen in Melaka, but if you don’t know where to start, here are three spots you’ll find hugely enjoyable cendol. 

The Kappan House

This was one of those surprise finds. Our foodie team was hot, thirsty and ready to try the first cendol shop we came across, and as fate would have it, the Kappan House was the first we stumbled upon along Jonker Street. 

We ordered the basic cendol (RM3) and was blown away by how deeply rich and earthy the gula Melaka was. Sweet with the faintest tinge of bitterness, the gula Melaka was perfectly balanced by the fresh and ice-cold coconut milk. The green cendol strips were home-made and was soft, with a nice, springy chew.

We also ordered a bowl of guilinggao (Chinese herbal jelly, RM5) but found it lacked the bitterness of herbs which are a must-have in this traditional dessert.

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